SPRING TONE® has arrived!

We are the first studio in Bergen County to offer this bootcamp style Pilates tower class developed by Alycea Ungaro of Real Pilates NYC!! Book your class today!

Welcome to Sol Pilates

Sol Pilates is a warm and welcoming studio specializing in small group classes led by Stott certified instructors who will encourage you to reach your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to increase flexibility, streamline your physique, relieve back pain, or train for an upcoming hike up Mt. Washington, we are here to inspire you to do more than you thought possible.

Our goal is to help you find a deeper core connection with every class you take, with every exercise you perform. Executing the exercises on different pieces of equipment (or no equipment at all) will help you broaden your understanding of the work and challenge your muscles in different ways. Your mat practice will enhance your apparatus practice and vice versa. It’s the way Joseph Pilates worked and how you will achieve the best results. Two classes a week is a great start but your body and mind would love more so try to do your hundreds every day!

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About the Studio

We have been told that our studio has great energy; you feel it the moment you walk in! Both our instructors and clients truly enjoy coming to class, working hard and seeing the benefits that a dedicated Pilates practice brings.

When a client finally connects with an exercise it’s a great accomplishment: that first perfect teaser! finally holding a head-to-heel-like-steel plank for a minute! the rollover! Our goal is have you feel stronger and more confident after each and every class; it’s positive energy for mind, body and soul!

Class Info

We offer a variety of apparatus and mat classes and encourage you to participate in both. With over 20 group classes weekly, our schedule will allow you to sample all the apparatus as well as our varied mat classes. Small class size ensures expert hands-on instructor attention. Privates and duets are available by appointment.

Those new to Pilates are required to take a private session prior to entering a group apparatus setting. During this session your needs and goals will be assessed. We will introduce you to the apparatus, the “language” of Pilates and you will learn essential exercises.

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